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As a public forum, our mission is to provide timely and accurate information pertaining to the school and community. We wish to encourage open dialogue and explore controversial issues fairly. While doing this, we will uphold truth and ethical standards.


Our Editorial Policy:

Viewpoints expressed on this site are those of the Devils’ Advocate online staff and the students of Hinsdale Central, and do not reflect the ideas and/or opinions of any member of the administration, staff or faculty of District 86. Opinion columns represent the writers’ perspectives, not that of the site as a whole.

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We honor District 86’s privacy policy and will not identify any students currently on the district’s “opt out of media” list.

Our Staff:

Our staff consists of students in the Journalism I and Journalism II classes as well as members of the Devils’ Advocate club. Our adviser is Mrs. Sue Grady.

Contact Information:

You can reach the adviser Mrs. Grady at or 630-570-8361