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Devils’ Advocate Square Dancing

March 25
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The staff of Devils' Advocate joins in on the fun that is the freshmen square dancing unit.

The rules of Rugby

The rules of Rugby

Ali Ardelahi, Shannon Ging, Sports Editor, and Sanya Sawlani, Editor-in-Chief
March 15
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Rugby is a relatively new sport at Central, the Boys' Rugby team is currently starting their second season and it's the first for the Girls'. So how is rugby played? The main focus of a team is to score more points than their opposing team which is done through scoring tries. A scoring try is successful...

Teacher Superlatives

March 10
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Staff members share their thoughts on what teacher they think would fit in each category for "Teacher Superlatives."

Hinsdale Central Trivia

February 28
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Students give their answers on questions about the school.

Teachers read rap lyrics

February 23
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Students stand “still” as they read poetry and prose

February 21
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On Thursday, Feb. 16, twelve students read their pieces at the annual "Tell Your Story" event held in room 216. This year's topic was "still" and the English department has spent the last few months leading up the contest encouraging their students to participate.     

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